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Cytoskeletal dynamics in

cell migration and cancer invasion

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The research of our lab is focused on delineating the mechanisms involved in cytoskeleton remodeling during collective cell migration and cancer invasion, and their relationship to disease phenotypes.


Our lab is currently exploiting specific separation-of-function mutants in a multi-pronged approach across scales, from reconstituted proteins to cellular models, including in-vivo mouse models.

We use a range of techniques from biochemistry using single-molecule assays to genetics, proteomics, cell biology and cell imaging, including quantitative advanced live imaging and super-resolution microscopy.

Our research will advance an emerging field by defining the molecular mechanisms that underlay a host of fundamental biological processes and identify genetic mutations that will serve as signatures for the early prevention of cancers and assist the design of new therapies.

Our research objectives


  • Understanding the mechanisms underlying cytoskeleton remodeling events in collective cell migration and cancer invasion, and metabolism.

  • Identifying novel genetic signatures and/or biomarkers for the early detection of human cancers, and ultimately improve cancer diagnosis and assist in personalized therapy.

People say the nicest things… 

“Mari Angels was a colleague of mine during my PhD in CNRS Montpellier. She was a very creative, intellectually outstanding and hard-working scientist, efficiently addressing challenges and meeting goals. She is really focused on her tasks, well-organized, and very committed. She's been a great colleague to work with, as she is a naturally amicable and open-minded person. She has also proven to be an excellent team player, as Mari Angels is a good listener, very supportive and goes out of her way to help people with her scientific knowledge and problem-solving skills.”  


Dr Ilaria Scarfone 

Specialist of Pharma Analytics, Thermo Fisher Scientific


“I have known Mari Angeles from long time ago, we have done the PhD together. She is extremely dedicated to her scientific career. Her passion for science never ceases to amaze me. She has an endeavor desire to achieve excellence in all that she undertakes. Mari Angeles is one of the most dynamic, hard working, detail-oriented and perseverant person that I have the pleasure of knowing. She is open, very kind person and ready to give professional and friendly advice drawn upon her academic experience. I am sure she will bring whatever challenge project she pursues in whatever part of the world into fruition. A joy to work with! I highly recommend her.”  


Maria Soriano Carot 

Vice President, Business Strategist and Communication Director at IMFAHE 



“As PhD mentor of Mari Angels I would say that she did an outstanding job. She is extremely hard worker, shows incredible enthusiasm for research and has the ability to quickly understand entangled mechanisms and troubleshoot whatever she found in her way. As a person, she got along wonderfully with everybody. She was the most precious part of the laboratory and a real team player. She also helped to the formation for new students in the basic biochemistry and molecular and cellular biology techniques. It was an absolute pleasure to work with. I am certain that she would be an outstanding asset to any workplace and she will succeed in her scientific work and in her professional career. I highly recommend her.”  


Carmen Bañó Aracil 

Catedrática de Bioquímica en Universitat de Valencia


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